SSL, Putty login problems

I can’t connect to my hassio rpi3 with PuTTY (SSL) to configure DuckDNS.

I’ve generated a private Key and everytime i login there is a “Connection failure”.

Login with hassio.local Port 22

What ist wrong? Do i need to do the Port forwarding before SSL?

Why use SSH to configure DuckDNS?

Log in to your HASS install and configure DuckDNS through --> Addons

Once you’ve installed DuckDNS, set up the settings (key, etc.) and click start.

Even after setting up DuckDNS, I still only SSH through the direct IP (but I have no need to do so externally from my network).

Why is this thread in the AIO installer section? If this is HASSIO, it belongs in the HASSIO forum section.

I want to configure DuckDNS because i’ve a dynamic IP adress and it changes everyday.

You can configure DuckDNS through the user interface is what I was trying to explain, you don’t need SSH for that. In other words, I use DuckDNS and did not configure it using SSH/puTTy

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