SSR relay on circuit breaker

Hey guys I have a workshop with a bunch of tools, lights, etc… and I would like to turn it off remotely with a Solid state relay, (I’m too lazy to disconnect everything) so my question is, would that be possible? I’m planning to install a 100A SSR on the circuit breaker…

This would not be breaker for safety.

With that, yes it is possible. Probably better to place ssr after breaker.
Why not just some Zwave outlets or something similar. Cost wise ssr is cheaper but outlet change is cleaner

Yeah but zwave switches are really expensive, and I wouldn’t like to spent a lot on my workshop. I was planning to put the SSR after the breaker box, so in case something goes wrong I could just turn it off manually.

So a 100A SSR would be better than a 40A if the load is less than 4000W? I’m not sure what could be better in terms of heat dissipation.

40*120=4800watt. This may be too close to expected load. Do remember you cannot exceed breaker limits.

I would be careful with this. Resistive loads and inductive loads (motors, etc) behave differently. That said. I use SSRs on my wood burner to turn on the blower motor and the stoker motor (automated with Arduino)