SSR (solid state relay) Switch Not Closing on GPIO Trigger

No idea how this has become complicated but…I could use some help here.

Regular mechanical relay works just fine, the SSR (solid state relay) switch is not closing when I send voltage.

Expectation: when a voltage is applied to CH1, the switch poles (two pins on the left) should close (change state), it is not.

Actual Result: Send voltage - When voltage is sent to CH1, onboard LED lights up, switch (poles on other side) remain open (unchanged) RED LED remains off. Same happens whether sending voltage from D1_Mini or the power supply directly

I’ve tried at least 3 different SSRs and they are all behaving the same way; thus, it seems to be a me problem. Help plz. :confused:

ESP D1 code – LED lights up on switch toggle

  - platform: gpio
    pin: D1
    name: "Test Switch"

How are you testing this? with which load?
SSR are unlike mechanical relays in that they dont actually open or close fully and can have some leakage. Depending on what u want to switch you’ll need to add extra electronics to get it working.

In pratice you’ll want to stay away from SSR unless you have a very good reason to have to use them.
Like explosion danger and such.

Thanks @Dujith – I just added an example with a simple LED. In reality I am powering a DC and AC components. I am using SSRs because I expect them to switch several hundred (or even thousand) times per day and want to take advantage of the longer life of the SSR over mechanical. Furthermore, the relay is in a high-humidity environment so trying to minimize moving parts.

What SSR are you using? model/typenumber

WHOOPS – meant to add that to the original post, sorry. Here’s the link

It’s an ‎HiLetgo ‎3-01-0814

Its an Omron G3MB-202P SSR
The data sheet for that exact model shows it rated for general usage (ohm loads) 2A 240VAC
The range it can work is 75-246VAC with a current from 0,10 to 2 Amps

So DC loads is a no. You will need a DC load SSR for that and you will need to know the range to pick the correct one. Unlike mechanical relays they are NOT multipurpose.
So you’ll need to get the correct one for the job you want. Even AC or DC makes a big difference.

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Perfect!! Thank you. I assumed the switch would just open/close but I see that that’s not the case. I do intend to use these with AC so I suspect we’re good. I was trying to test it with simpler circuits and overcomplicated it in the process.

Thank you so much for your help

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