Stability - Raspberry Pi


Indeed. But it’s a internal problem and it has been ocurring since ever, on both my SD Cards with two completely different installs.

From what I analysed, HA can’t connect to it’s own localhost supervisor on startup and simply hangs forever. Issue on GitHub never actually got any answer.

Rebooting the router together with HA magically solves this problem.


Thanks. I have ordered an Intel NUC6CAYH. My google search leads me to this page for Ubuntu, but the model I have ordered is not listed, though it does list NUC7* models. The article points to “Desktop” and “IoT Core” versions of Ubuntu. I assume I want the later. I’m guessing I install the core version, install docker and go from there. Right?


I would go for server, not core. In fact I would go for debian server.


Great, thanks for the advice, appreciated.


Thanks. I have ordered an Intel NUC6CAYH. My google search leads me to [this page] for Ubuntu

It sounds like HA is mission-critical to you. What I do (and I posted this in another one of your threads) is possibly something you should consider.

Instead of building a dedicated x86 machine to run Homeassistant, build a Proxmox virtual server and run HomeAssistant in a container. Create containers or virtual machines for your other critical home services. Then add a second Proxmox machine and build a cluster. It takes 10 minutes after your first Proxmox machine is set up to install and add a second machine to the cluster. Then you can migrate containers/vm’s from machine to machine with the click of a mouse in less than a second. I have my pfSense firewall in a VM on my cluster and can migrate it from node to node without losing a single ‘ping’ packet to an internet host.

Raspberry Pi’s are not really intended for mission critical applications.


Does run well inside an LXC container? I’ve had a hard time trying to run Docker related apps inside an LXC.
If so, what do I have to take into account to make it work?



I should be more clear. I’m not running in a container. I’m running Ubuntu 18.04 in a container and Homeassistant is installed within that container (in my case, it’s a dev branch, but could just as well be a release branch). In that container I’m also running Mosquitto and rtlamr_mqtt (


Thanks for your answer!