Stable hourly weather?

Looks like most posts are about Darksky, but they’re not allowing new API users. I’ve tried using the national weather service, but it’s super delayed and every few minutes decides to be unavailable.

I’m wondering if there is a guide somewhere for how to get a stable hourly weather forecast into the default weather card?


Relying to myself since I stumbled upon Climacell and their awesome free API tier! Right now there’s a way to get the sensors in, but it is not yet a weather entity.

Really hoping someone with more knowledge than myself throws it together!

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Maybe you should try

It’s available on HACS and it’s working pretty well for me

Have a look at:

It on HACS as well and maybe something for you.

I am the state of using climate cell on home assistant
I get several temperature censors
one called
that is unknown

one called


which covers realtime, hourly, daily and nowcast?