Stainless steel boiler immersion heater for Geminox Boiler BS150

I am looking for a stainless steel boiler immersion heater with which I can use the surplus energy from the photovoltaic system.

I really liked the “ATON Power to Heat”, but I can’t use it because it’s not suitable for a stainless steel hot water tank.

3000 W controlled variable

Wirelessly connected via CORA, the energy meter transmits the available power to the immersion heater – stagelessly from 50W to 3 kW. This allows for excess power to be consumed as precisely as possible. If required, additional immersion heaters can be added – up to 12 per energy meter – to extend the maximum possible power up to 36 kW – stagelessly regulated throughout.

siehe: Power-to-Heat | PV Überschuss für Heizung und WarmwasserEnergiemanagement > Lösungen - Technische Alternative

Does anyone have any advice on what hardware I could use?

know ELWA? AC ELWA-E stufenlos geregeltes Warmwasserbereitungs-Gerät für netzgekoppelte Photovoltaik-Anlagen - my-PV GmbH

there’s a DC-version as well. but can’t tell if any of these are compatible with your tank. :man_shrugging:

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