Standard Font Times New Roman?

Is there a possibility to change the default font?
I know of the paper-font...font-family-variables within the themes, but it seems to get ignored in Windows (Edge)?
Standard font of my fluent green theme is Sergoe and its derivates.
This is all over HA in the companion app, but my PC looks like this:

Is there anything I can do about it?
(restarts and cache clears done multiple times)

I think this is due to your theme.
Try setting a different theme, the font should change to Arial or similar.
Specifically, I think your theme uses a font which you don’t have installed on the device that you’re using to view the page.
Could it be that the font has a typo? I know Segoe but not Sergoe.

Of course there is an excess ‘r’ in Segoe. Wrote it from the top of my head (never noticed there is no ‘r’ in there!)…
Alas, in the theme it’s allright; I even installed all fonts the theme referenced.
In addition I use the exact same theme in the Companion App and on my PCs.
So no, I don’t think it’s theme-related.
That is visible in this screenshot:

Interesting to see here: the available sensors are (wrongly) in Times, the unavailable (the last three) in Segoe.

Any other ideas?