Standby mode

We are out of home almost 9 hours/day and sleeping around 06-07/day.
I was wondering about the pros and cons of leaving my devices in standby mode. With a draft calculation for my home devices the average cost of the standby mode would be around 80€-100€ / year. (2 Tvs, 2 google home mini, 1 radio, 2 satellite boxes, 2 tv boxes, 1 extender, 2 laptops etc)

Of course except the yearly cost it would be helpful in terms of reducing the total electricity demand thus the sustainability etc

I really don’t know if I completely turn off these devices when out of home or during the night would damage them or could cause other troubles?

What are your thoughts if I could automate (eg with a wifi wall plug) to turn them off completely off when out of home or during our sleep time?

Generally speaking, it won’t harm them or cause other troubles. Where devices have a clean shutdown option, you’ll want that, but turning a TV off at the wall (for example) won’t break them. Hard powering off a DVR or laptop will be a Bad Thing.

You will though discover how long it takes things to start up, which may be longer than you think. My satellite TV box for example takes about 5 minutes from powered off to be functional.