Start a conversation with automation


Is it at all possible to trigger a quick “dialog”, preferably via google home mini?

For example, when I walk into my house (i have a smart lock that talks to HA) I want to trigger google assistant to ask me if “Who just walked in?” and wait for my response. And based on the response I would want to set states etc.

It does not have to be GA but it’d be nice to utilize google home mini for this.


I don’t know if you can do what you want to do (my guess would be no) but wouldn’t HA know who would be coming home from the device id that triggered the google response in the first place?

Sure, but I’m less concerned about knowing “who” but rather the aspect of triggering a question from some service (google assistant or anything else) based on some action.

I am thinking about exactly the same behavior as you described, and I just spent few hours googling how this would be possible to do. without luck. did you found out some hack to do this ?

Nope (( I’m starting to think it’s not possible…