Start of all-day events in Google calendar do not cause start trigger to fire

Hi all, I have tried everything, but I cannot get all-day events to cause a start trigger to start an automation. I would expect an all-day event to trigger the automation at midnight (00:00) on the day on which it begins. However, in practice these do not send a trigger to start the automation. I am confident the trigger works, because all non-all-day (regular) events do result in a trigger, and start the automation. I have now extensively tested this, and ONLY all-day events fail to result in a start trigger. Interestingly, the offset of all-day events do trigger a stop. I am not sure whether this problem is specific to Google Calendar, or whether it’s a general Calendar problem. Can somebody confirm whether this could be a bug, or whether there is anything I could be doing wrong? I’m using Home Assistant 2022.10.5. @allenporter?

I’ve seen an issue here when the Google calendar timezone and home assistant timezone had some trouble figuring out the start of the day. I believe this should be resolved in 2022.11.3 and beyond now that it handles events locally (when not using yaml,).

Thanks Allen, OK I’ll try that out. I am using yaml though, would that make a difference? Also: all-day events simply never get triggered, also not at a different time, while regular events get triggered at the time when I would expect them to get triggered. Moreover, the offset of all-day events also get triggered at the time at which I would expect them to get triggered. A bit weird that this would only apply to the onset of all-day events? Anyway, I’ll try updating and see whether that resolves things, thanks!

This solved the problem indeed. I updated to 2022.11.4 and all-day events now trigger my automation. Many thanks for the help!!