Start Spotify "Now Playing" from Home Assistant on remote device

I am trying to launch the spotify app on a remote Android device from a Home Assistant automation (through Node-RED). The app opens fine using the launch app command, but I would like to launch the “now playing” screen directly as opposed to the app’s home screen. I think this can be achieved by using the activity command or the broadcast intent command, but I can’t figure it out.

This is the data for the command that works to just open the app.

"message": "command_launch_app",
"data": {
  "package_name": ""

I would think the activity command would look something like this, but not sure what to put for the title.

"message": "command_activity",
"title": ????,
"data": {
  "intent_package_name": "",
  "intent_action": "android.intent.action.VIEW"