Start/stop live camera feed on demand


I’d like to view a live camera feed inside a picture entity card. The thing is, I want to be able to manually start/stop the feed, because normally the feed will start streaming once I access the UI, and will continue streaming even if i switch to a different tab. As I usually access the UI over a mobile data connection, I don’t want to waste my available GBs for no reason, while I’m not actually looking at the camera feed.

I did some research on how this could be accomplished, but couldn’t find any real solution. I tried using an input boolean, which can be toggled through a button on the UI. Then, a conditional card is used to display or hide a picture entity card, based on the value of the input boolean. While this works, it does not really stop the live stream. It merely hides the picture entity card, but does not actually remove it from the html document.

Can anyone help me with this? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


I just use a default card and have camera entities specified for the card. This only shows a static thumbnail image of the camera feed, then when you click it, it will bring up the live feed.

Click the round thumbnail in this view.

Then you will get this view.

This should keep it from streaming constantly and only stream when you want to see the live view.


Thanks! This simple solution works!

I have tried this as well, but it does not help. It starts streaming in the background then I activate the tab with that card and never stops until restart HA.