Start with --net=host flag


I have successfully installed Home Assistant on a Ubuntu 20.04.1 machine with Docker (not docker-compose). Everything is working fine, but there was one thing. I am trying to get the Sony Playstation 4 integration to work, but to do that, I need to use the --net=host flag, but I am wondering where to and how to use this flag.

I am fairly new to Docker, any help would be much appreciated.
(This is my first forum topic, apologies if this is in the incorrect tag or anything)


It is a flag to use when starting Home Assistant Core with docker run. It also replaces the otherwise used port statements (-p 8123:8123).

Thanks, still wondering, there are 7 docker containers running at the moment, which one should I run with that specific flag?

If there are 7 containers running, you are probably not using Home Assistant Core, but Home Assistant OS (HASS.IO)

Otherwise there should be only one using Image homeassistant/home-assistant.

Please show the output of docker ps and the docker run statement you use to start HA.

I used this script to install Home Assistant:
I’ve never had to start any container, they started by themselves after the install script finished.

Here is the output to docker ps

This installation method is for advanced users only

is the fairly opposite of

However, it looks like the method uses Home Assistant OS and —net=host should already be in use.

You may call docker inspect homeassistant and watch the output for something like

           "Networks": {
                "host": {

I’ve run docker inspect homeassistant and there are some properties and values inside Networks > host - so, what does that mean?

Docker already uses the host network, the cause for your issue with PS4 integration is something else.

Not sure about this, but could this issue be that the ports required are not open? If they are not, I could open them with UFW and try. Do you think that is worth a try?

Yeah, could be, but I am not familiar with with firewalls

Tested that, but that did unfortunately not work. Does Home Assistant need to be on the same network as my phone to connect? (As I am connecting to give credentials)