Starter Help needed for energy diagram

Hey everyone,

I have just started to get into energy tracking.
While I am still struggling with the energy dashboard, I have now discovered the Riemann sum helper and want to eploxre further. Can anyone point me towards a guide where the different options are explained? Left/right/ trapezoidal? The official one only mentions that they do exist. However, I do not know which one fits best.

The second idea I had was to recreate a statistic I have seen before.
On the left I have the total amount of energy used within, say, a month. This amount is then split up into the individual consumers of the total amount, according to their percentage of total energy used.
In Grafana I do not see any option similar to that.
Could anyone point me towards a guide?

Thanks for your help!

This is fundamentally a mathematics question, so honestly just doing some basic googling of ‘riemann sum integration’ (without referencing Home Assistant) would probably be helpful to get context. Typically though, when you’re using it to ‘convert’ power to energy, the left sum is the more accurate option.

Can’t help you with the second question.

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