Starting out and suggestions


I ran across this software and was giving it a try. Thinking maybe I could use this for a few things. I followed the getting started guide and on first startup if things are detected on your network they are shown by default (configured maybe?). You are then left on your own to figure stuff out.
The first thing that shows up in my system is a Roku device. I figure since the system detects the Roku it should be easy to work with and get going. Or at least be able to make the known Roku web service calls for up, down, left, right, and OK to interface with it. That is NOT the case at all.
The solutions here that point to github assume you have a more knowledge on how the software works. The default documentation maybe help for a developer or coder. As for someone new it was not helpful. Working examples would be great. I do not mean huge solutions. Just small functions or basic things. A remote example config for channel up or down, a light switch on or off, etc…

As a last resort I also tried going to the discord, my question was flooded out and lost very quickly. Only after asking with less information/shorter comments could I get a reply from someone. Which was to “try the forums, searching google, etc…look elsewhere”. Well Discord was my last try. Might give it another look in a few years for now I have given up.