Starting to questions hardware data collection

I have a lot of Shelly devices throughout the house, and several are HT sensors. I’m seeing some strangeness that I can’t explain. Outside temperature goes down, but inside temp goes up and the A/C keeps coming on. I get that my house is well insulated, but with no lights are other heat sources, how can the inside temp go UP when the outside temp drops by 15-30°F?

Do I have a phantom heat source, or are all my sensors confused?

I understand this may have nothing to do with Home Assistant. It’s just the data that has me scratching my head and asking questions.

Below is the last 24 hours at my house. The sawtooth pattern is my A/C kicking on as the house warms up even though the outside temp dropped considerably. I get that things may warm up with the sun, but this is at night.

One simple explanation I thought of. I have the threshold of the Shelly setup to send when the temp changes by 1°F, and this causes the Shelly to bounce because of my A/C setting. Maybe the sawtooth pattern is not my A/C. At 73°F, the Shelly wakes up and sends an MQTT message. Waking the electronics warms the unit to 74°F, which causes another message, but this is not enough to warm the device to 75°F. Eventually, the unit cools to 73°F, sends a message, and the cycle starts again.

I’m going to try and set things to 2°F for giggles.