Starting up HA on macbook pro

I’m currently in a nightmare situation. I’m currently using several apps for the backend and google home as the frontend for my home. It has worked OK so far but a recent failed light that broke some automations, the need to move some of the lights, upcoming renovation and that the kids are older makes me want to completely overhaul all automations.
My plan was to start up Home assistant together with a bunch of new sensors and cameras when covid hit but somehow it has been pushed back til now and our current financial situation sets my budget close to 0, but a skyconnect for zigbee will be ordered.
I have an old macbook pro with 4gb ram that is no longer in use, it is running linux mint now and I was planning on flashing haos on it.
I have 18 devices, switches and lights all based on wifi most are tuya based.
Does this look like a good setup to start with or does anyone have any suggestions?
I was thinking of adding my tuya devices as they are and control them locally with HA and perhaps later migrate as many as I can to esphome.

It might be old, but 4gb is more then enough.
Since you already established it can run Linux, i don’t see reason it wouldn’t work…
Most likely, your ‘old’ macbook will outrun any raspberry :thinking:

The only issue you might have is with drivers…
So if HAos doesn’t work, try debian 11 with supervisor ( which comes pretty close to HAos😉)

Thanks. I bet it will have issues with WiFi as it took a few tries to get it working with mint but it will be connected by cable since I plan on placing it a shelf below the router.

HA should be run wired anyways :wink:


I try to keep all devices wired if it’s possible to do. :wink: 2-3 years ago I ran about 100 meters of cat6 around the house and I think the last 3 rooms will be another 50 meters. For now no device in those rooms will benefit from it. :sweat_smile: