Starting water pump when temp is under 0°

I’m newbie and have a problem or rather no idea how I can start my pool pump when the temperature is 0° or below.
my idea is to run the pump for 5 mins when target temperature is reached and then pause for 1 hour.
this scene? or automation? should automatically be active on target temperature…

I will get the temperature form a outside lightsensor …

can someone help me that would be really nice
thanks !

It will be an automation.

the trigger will be a numeric_state trigger at below 0.

the action will be to turn on the pump…delay 5 minutes…turn off the pump.

I’m not sure what exactly you want for the 1 hour delay.

Do you want it to run for 5 minutes then delay for an hour then run for 5 minutes then delay…forever as long as the temp stays below 0?

yes exactely :slight_smile:

It makes it a bit more complicated…

add a condition to the automation to check the temperature for less than 0.

then use a “repeat-until” action that does the above action (turn on, wait 5 minutes, turn off, delay one hour) until the temp goes above 0.

But because the automation is prone to failure on HA restart (or if you reload the automation) then you need to add those two events as triggers.

then the automation will trigger on the temp going below 0 or HA restart or automations reloaded, it will then check the temp is below 0 and then start running the actions until temp goes above 0.

I think I’ve captured all of the things needed to make this reliable.

hi, thanks I cloud fix it :slight_smile:

but I’ve still one question … when I enable this new entity … when will this trigger run? only when I press “run actions”? or when the I press on enable this entity?


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I’m not sure what new entity you are referring to.

the automation entity? or something else?

The automation will run automatically when the trigger transitions from false to true.

You don’t need to run the automation manually (it wouldn’t be much of an “automation” if you had to run it manually :wink:)

All automations are enabled by default on creation.

unless you disable it manually it will be enabled.

Unless I’m still not understanding what you mean by “this entity”.

I mean this entity we spoke about

thats true :wink: I understand but when you add a new automation, will the automation start with saving and checks directly if a trigger is true?

fine ok :slight_smile:

one problem persists. trigger is 0° I cant find how I can made -2° … isn’t possible?

thanks a lot.

That’s not very helpful.

I still don’t know what you mean by that.


the automation won’t trigger if the trigger is already true when you create the automation. it will only trigger if the trigger is goes to false and then becomes true. Then it checks the conditions at that instant and if they are all true then the actions will run.

I assume you should just be able to type in -2 into the above or below field and I think it should work.

is there a reason why you say it doesn’t accept that value?

And the last point is that all of of this is hypothetical since I haven’t actually seen the code of the automation.