State change when leaving zone?


Quick question, when a device leaves a zone should the state for that device change back to Away until the device enters a new zone? If so I think I have an issue where the state stays in the first entered zone until it enters a new zone and then I get an update to the state.


Yes, in general, when a device_tracker entity’s GPS coordinates show that the device has left a zone, and does not enter another zone, its state should change to not_home (which shows as Away in the frontend.) What type of device_tracker are you using? Also, are you sure the device’s hide_if_away entry in known_devices.yaml is set to false?


Thanks for the reply. I’ve checked known_devices.yaml and hide_if_away are set to false.

As well as the Home assistant iOS app I use the presence script to update the device_tracker status (which is an MQTT device tracker).

I’ll test again to see if anything improves.


Ok. I don’t use the iOS app as a tracker and hence I’m not familiar with its behavior. There might be a setting that causes it to only update while in a zone or something. But definitely, what you’re seeing is not caused by the common “component level” device_tracker code.


which script is that? Also which Mqtt device_tracker do you use, maybe I can help. Using a self made composite mqtt tracker, the owntracks, and the iOS app (which you can finetune regarding entering and leaving zones and notifying on that)


This is what I use in conjunction with the iOS device tracker.


We have been struggling to get this right for a bit. In the latest beta, I see this working much more consistently with GPS regions, and am making progress on nailing down iBeacon region support as well.

On the latest build, I’m correctly seeing home/away w/ my home region and am pretty happy with that. Have you tried the beta?


In that case I can’t help, don’t use that. Seems overly complicated and needs so many extra hardware. My precense detection system works as desired now, took some time to get it all sorted, but quite happy now.

Can’t stop enjoying the lights turning up when I come home in the evening, and receiving a notice all is set back to normal few minutes later… Kind of like the automatic notification if I want to turn on the espresso if Im 15 minutes away from home and almost there :wink:


I try to steer clear of betas these days due to my HA being in use with the family.

I’ll await 0.83 and see if things change.


I meant the iOS Beta



yes, my thoughts too. Especially given the fact that Asuswrt is hampered by strange behavior after it was updated from 81.6. I’ll stay there till I read about a successful update of that component, so vitally important to my setup


Oh yes I am on the iOS beta :slight_smile:


this sounds familiar, not the same, but zoning issues nonetheless?


The ios app currently marks you as not_home (with region monitoring) when leaving the ‘home’ zone, but not any other zones. They will usually be marked as not_home later on, with a significant change request.

I have submitted a pull request to make sure that the not_home state is set on all zone leave events.


What’s the implication for overlapping zones?

i.e. I have a passive parking_space zone under my apt, so my tracker goes from home to ‘parking space’ and I guess eventually to not_home as I drive towards work

(or maybe home again as I leave the beacon signal but am still within the gps radius of home)

you’re proposing it briefly flips to not_home in between each transition?