State class "" from this entity is not supported (translated from dutch) and status of this entity not available

First time i see the error. So I don’t know if it’s caused by 2022.3.1 release.
When I go to Developer Tools, and then look at Statistics is see several errors.
5 sensors from my smartphone like batterylevel, batterytemperature, wifi strength,… mention as source “Recorder” and error: “state class”" from this entity is not supported"
Also 1 aquara temperature sensor (I have several) gives the error :
“State of this entity not available” (also “recorder” is mentioned as source), for every attribute
Also 1 window/door sensor gives the same error for every attribute.
“Funny thing” is: No problem at all with those sensors. The entities and it’s attributes are working perfectly. Nowhere else in HA is gives errors, nor in the logging…
So, is it only a “recorder” thing? What can I do about it???

funny that I have some entities created by Home Assistant iOS and Android app… So they have to correct this in the app also

I also see this issue in 2022.9.4 (and 2022.9.2 and 2022.9.3 which I had installed earlier this week when I first noticed these error messages).

I checked the entities in question in Developer Tools > States and no State class is set (which is what I guess is meant by “” in the error message).

This seems to be the case for entities set up by the Home Assistant Companion App - perhaps just for Android. I cleared out all the entries with errors in Statistics yesterday, and since then I am seeing new ones relating to phones running the app.

In my case it is the sensor.device_battery_power and sensor.device_battery_temperature that are showing this issue, and not for all android devices. I’m assuming the state_class should be measurement for all of them.

Could this be some code in the Mobile App integration that hasn’t been updated to include state_class since it was introduced?

A late reply but I just noticed I had the same issue and I fixed it by going into Settings->Integrations->Mobile App and then reloading for each of my Android devices.