State class " of this entity is not supported. (Samsung S23 Ultra)

Under System → Developer Tools → Statistics I am getting all these error messages for my Samsung S23 Ultra. I have tried reloading the integration from Settings → Integrations → Mobile App and that makes no difference. These are valid statistics being collected under each of these sensors (double-click on each and I can see the history up to now) and it is the only error message I am getting under statistics - every single one of them is a valid ‘sensor’ (no orphans etc.) and they all have to do with my one device.

Also, the only error message in my syslog I am getting related to my phone - is this every 5 minutes or so - (and the statistic is being recorded as well, is is just a smal number…!) not sure if it is related, but it probably is somehow…

Jul 11 23:05:24 kruse-pi homeassistant[605]: #033[33m2023-07-11 23:05:24.436 WARNING (Recorder) [homeassistant.components.recorder.db_schema] State attributes for sensor.kruse_s_s23_ultra_active_notification_count exceed maximum size of 16384 bytes. This can cause database performance issues; Attributes will not be stored#033[0m

Lastly, I have entered this as bug as well - State class " of this entity is not supported. (Samsung S23 Ultra (android)) · Issue #96385 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

Thoughts anyone?

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These errors shoudl clear up the next time the app re-registers sensors but due to the existing bug it will come back on restart

unrelated error message eventhough its about statistics