State History Graph does not match State

I have noticed lately that sometimes my state history does not match the actual state of the entity -


Anyone else ever see this? If I restart it will fix itself, but after a day or so - back to this problem.

Thanks for any ideas you might have!


Are there any database errors in your log?

No errors.

Does Ctrl+F5 fix it?

No that did not help. I think this is a side-effect of the Unifi integration. In one of the latest versions, it is creating multiple sensors for all of my devices that are tracking Tx and Rx speeds - this is causing a massive amount of extra log entries that is slowing everything down and my history db is growing to hundreds of MBs in a very short time. I have removed the integration to see if that fixes the problem. For sure it has made the entire system a lot more responsive.

Thanks for your help!

I’ve noticed this as well before, was with Xiaomi Zigbee sensors. I believe there is already a general issue filed on Github for this.