State/Icon of "Lock" Group doesn't match containing entities

I have three doors, all with a magnetic open/close and in addition locked/unlocked sensor.

I’ve created a group for the locks according to the Documentation: Group - Home Assistant

The group itself is working fine and the overall state of the group reflects the group elements.
But the group elements all have a state of locked/unlocked, whereas the group itself is showing On/Off
Also, the icon of the Group is not a lock (of course that’s easily changable, but my expectation was that this is done automatically)

I’ve checked all three enities, all of them have the attribute “device_class: lock”
Just using one of the entities in the group changes nothing

I’m quit sure it’s a layer 8 problem, but I can’t seem to figure out what the problem is.

  name: Riegelkontakte
    - binary_sensor.rk_eg_haupt # Haupteingang
    - binary_sensor.rk_elw # ELW
    - binary_sensor.00xxxxxxxx0000_state # Garagentüre

The state in developer tools is off but how does the group display its state in Lovelace? (add the group to an entities card).

here’s the picture:

Instead of On/Off for the Group I’ve expected Locked/unlocked.

This is the view after I clicked on the group:

(Sry for the extra reply, looks like I can add only one picture to a post)

Ok. That’s looking like a bug. The docs specifically say that lock entities should be represented by the group having the states locked/unlocked. I’ve got a couple of locks I can test with tomorrow to confirm.

Works for me. The difference is I am using entities with the domain lock. You are using binary sensors.

  name: Lock Test
  - lock.front_door
  - lock.laundry_door

Screenshot 2021-10-13 at 11-54-36 Administration - Home Assistant

The binary sensor device class only changes the way the state is shown in the Lovelace front end. Binary sensors will always have the states 'on' or 'off' in the backend which is why your group has the states you see.

thanks for the test.
I’ve tried it. It works if I convert the binary sensors to locks. But then I get Unlock/Lock buttons which are useless for me since it’s just a sensor and not a controllable lock.
Maybe I’ll create my own “group” with a template binary sensor and device_class:lock. then I should have the feature I want