State names and language has changed

I just notices (probably after an update) all my states have changed there name and language.
Normally it was in Dutch, now all is in English.
Also somme values just changed to “off” instead of there ‘original’ name.

For example i have a water sersor, if no leak it showed as “Droog” (Dry) now it just shows ‘off’.
The entity itself still shows the correct name, but when using it in a button card of field it shows ‘off’.

Any idea how to get the correct values back?


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Same problem for me . Before it was in French and now back to english

Same problem here also.
Before it was Dutch, now English mixed with Dutch.

Before it was for example dicht (close in dutch) or droog (dry in Dutch). Now everything is on or off

EDIT: it is known error:

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Still not working.
I saw this one:
GitHub - PiotrMachowski/Home-Assistant-custom-components-Custom-Templates: This integration adds possibility to use new functions in Home Assistant Jinja2 templating engine.

But i can nog get it to work in button cards, Did anyone gave it a try?

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