State node help with multiple entities

Is there any easier way to get a state node to turn on, only when all 3 listed entities are on, other than listing all 3 entities in the CONDITIONS section? I tried this, but then the state node will turn on if just one entity is on, but the other two are off.

You need to feed that into a chain of current state nodes with an if state set.
The if state will generate two outputs one for true and for false.
Link them together, so the state you want go to the next current state node and the last one will then be when all states are correct.
All the outputs that are wrong can be linked to a handling of those events if you want it or just left unlinked.

You can add 2 more conditions and use the ‘entity id’ instead of ‘this entity’. Have one condition for each entity. All conditions have to be true for the state of the node to be ‘on’. Alternatively, you could just change the one condition to ‘off’ and use the opposite outputs.