State of 64bit HA on RPI4?

Main question: what’s the status 64bit HAOS on Rpi4? Any well-known issues and incompatibilities? I have integrated quite a lot of stuff of all kinds such as wifi, BLE, zigbee, RF433, NUT, Homekit, ESPHome…

Right now I’m using a Home Assistant OS 6.3 with HA Core 2021.9.6 on a 2GB RPI4. It’s apparently a 32bit build (armv7l). I’d like to run some (unsupported) Docker addons such as Mealie that dropped 32bit support, but of course I won’t do it if it would put my well-working system in any jeopardy.


As long as you don’t use the Pi gpio’s, it is fine. The gpio integration does not work.

I don’t use GPIO. I have a RTC plugged in there but I haven’t bothered to make it work yet. Is there like a known/commonly referred-to thread on Github on the state of the 64bit or something? I have searched but most info is from 2020 or so.


I mentioned it in the ‘Home Assistant Amber’ topic. The Amber does have a RTC, so hopefully HA OS will get support for a RTC-clock :slight_smile:

No github topic I know off.

Oh I see the official installation docs have 64bit as the recommended type for RPi4. That’s new for me, my install is from back in 2019 and back then, 32bit was recommended :slight_smile: Great, thanks!

re: RTC - I was hoping RTC would make my local-only wifi stuff work better as I had bad issues with those when there was an internet outage (LAN worked fine!) and was told on this forum it would be a time issue. I need to look into it again. Thanks for the info.

RTC is for keeping time when the computer is powered off. It won’t help with keeping time when it’s powered on. The “System Clock” does that. You can improve system clock accuracy by using chrony on the raspberry pi and/or other computers on your LAN and even on your router.