State of entity depanding on value Z-Wave

Hey all,
I’am new and a beginner if it comes to HA. I’ve set up a Z-wave controller (and more integrations) and node-red.

I also own a 3d-printer (Ender3v2) and want to switch the printer off when ready automatic.
The Z-wave Plug,where the printer is lugged in, is tracking the power consumption (Watt’s), when the power is less then 15 watt I want an entitie to show “Done” and when the consumption is above 15 watt, it needs showing “Printing”.

Can someone help me set this up, because I can’t. I think its something about Templating, but can’t get it to work.

I think it’s easy, but my instalation is the dutch version, and the forum/sites often shows the english version. This is sometimes a litte bit confusing for me.

Kind regards
Stefan Meijering

Have a look at octoprint, thats cool!!

I already did, but i have only got a RPI 4b 8gb, and then Octoprint wont work. :wink:
And i also want an integration with HA because my wife doesn’t understand Octoprint.

You can do that all from an automation.
Notification for “Done” sent to a phone
I do something similar with power monitoring for other things.
Tweak as needed for your sensor name and your phone.

type: value
platform: device
device_id: 056905d6fc6a11eaa10c119d0428e8e8
entity_id: sensor.aeon_labs_zw096_smart_switch_6_power
domain: sensor
above: 0
  hours: 0
  minutes: 0
  seconds: 30
below: 15

service: notify.mobile_app_gphone
  message: Done Printing

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Thinking about it; I have my printer on a smart plug and using to see if it printing…even after I gave you the automation it did not immediately dawn on me that I should do the exact same thing. I was primarily using it to graph out the print based on power usage (mainly the bed heater)

The notification on the phone was a good idea. I can check the webcam when i get a notification. My first idea was to shut down the printer automaticly but when it’s te soon, i’ve got a problem. At least thanks for the idea.