State of my dumb TV and audio amp?


I m sure I have a very common issue : I have z dumb TV (no smart connectivity) and dumb audio ampli that I m controlling through IR bridge. It s working fine, but guess what, same rf packet to turn on and turn off… so i definitively need to know the state of both
What I dont need is to physicaly cut the power (sleep mode is fine), so big question how can I get the state? Checking the power consumption is a nice solution, but the only device I found are also including a smart switch that I don t need :confused: example : sonoff POW.

Anyone has an idea?


I plugged an ESP8266 NodeMCU to an USB Port on the TV.
When the TV get’s on, the ESP connects to wifi and with a wake_on_lan switch the state in HA is on.


Very smart, solving my tv issue, but not my audio amp :-/ any other idea?

Does your audio amp have a 120/240v output on the back? Mine does and it works the same way as as the USB outlet on the TV.

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Indeed thks!!

This is a great idea for the Wemos D1 Mini I have lying around so that I can monitor and control the soundbar that doesn’t have distinct IR codes for on and off.

Hi, sorry for asking, but i’m a noob with this things, i have a Deco (the thing that cable provider give us to watch tv) And is dumb as me, looking at your comment is there a way to use this and know the status? (If is on or off) And can you tell me how? Or point me in the right direction. Thanks