State of Sengled bulbs isn't correct after HA restart

I have several Sengled zigbee bulbs, and after home assistant restarts the states of them don’t match reality. They seem to be set to on and off at random. I have these entities in my recorder section, which I thought would cause their state to be retained across restarts, but that doesn’t seem to help. My home assistant restarts a few times a day due to a zigbee bug.

Does everyone else have this issue with Sengled bulbs? Does anyone have a solution?

I would be interested in the answer to this as well.

I have 4 Sengled bulbs that worked perfectly for a year and then about a month ago (or a little more) two of them started being displayed as ‘on’ after every restart of HA but the light isn’t actually on.

Every light that is actually ‘on’ still displays correctly, tho.

It’s easy enough to click them to turn them ‘off’ to match the real state but I’m not sure what changed to cause the new behavior.

I also have some sengled bulbs, but haven’t experienced the problems describes here. Just curious, but what zigbee hub are you using?

Also having this issue, but I haven’t been too concerned about it.
(If I’m editing my config while not at home, I have a scene to turn them all off)

I’m using the HUSBZB-1 as a hub.

Also using the HUSBZB-1 hub.

Yeah I’m also using a HUSBZB-1. It wouldn’t be a big deal, but I have to restart the HA because my zigbee network keeps losing connections. I’ll look into that issue separately.

I am using Smartthings V2 and the sengleds have been rock steady…no problems what so ever

Same issue as well, I usually just toggle them if I remember to, but they usually fall into their groove after some automations. Eventually I’ll get rid of the Zigbee stuff as the consolidation continues, rid myself of the maddening SmartThings MQTT bridge, a couple Zwave switches, etc.

Same issue here. Is anyone figured this out?

I had similar issues (wrong state after reboot) running on Raspbian. I migrated to HASSIO 2 week ago and Sengled states are rock solid. Not sure why.

If anyone needs this still. Support for Sengled Bulbs can be found here.