State of the Open Home 2024: some insight in the future of HA

Is there a reason why it’s not mentioned in the forum (at least I didn’t find it, except for the link on the home page)?

For those who haven’t watched it (yet): on top of interesting stuff by a few regulars, the founder of HA (Paulus / @balloob) has revealed exciting news!

I was wondering the same thing. Perhaps the mods didn’t feel it was appropriate for them to start the discussion now that there is a delineation between home assistant, which is a property of the new foundation, and Nabu Casa.

I watched the entire 2 hours. I would encourage you to watch it. I think it would be entirely appropriate and a fascinating discussion here to talk about the future. To me it was inevitable. Home assistant is not your grandfather’s open source project. It is too big, needs full-time professional developers yet the community needs to be protected from obsolescence and exploitation. I’m very impressed with how they handled the new foundation and the presentation yesterday.

I’ve always been a bit confused and maybe more so now. When I see new updates coming out in the core and the supervisor and add-ons etc, I’m assuming they come from Nabu Casa despite the fact that it’s an open source project and that many people are active contributors. Now there are actually some walls in place, I’m wondering how it will work.

I’d like to discourage conspiracy theories here and concerns that there’s a grand plan to monetize the product. Change was certainly necessary and having the core product belong to the Open Home Foundation provides some degree of control I think.

Love to hear some comments from some people with more involvement and history than myself.

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I just watched Paulus’ section. I like what I heard. The goals he discussed are consistent with mine. I especially liked the focus on long-term reliability. The analogy of an old-time thermostat is a good one. They were built to industry standards, and to last for decades, locally, without any fees or maintenance.


I watched the entire State of the Open Home 2024 as well as was very excited about the direction of the Open Home Foundation and the protection I feel it will ultimately give the users and contributors. I’ve been burnt by many obsolescence or feature degradation from commercial interests over the years (Wink, SmartThings IDE) and am very happy to have committed to Home Assistant. I really like how they have chartered the foundation to uphold their principles of Privacy, Choice and Sustainability.

To me, I’d love to see more projects joining or “donating” to the Open Home Foundation. Not to try and pressure these great projects, but I personally love:

GitHub - bramstroker/homeassistant-powercalc: Custom component to calculate estimated power consumption of lights and other appliances - A fantastic library that can setup energy consumption sensors for a wide variety devices
GitHub - blakeblackshear/frigate: NVR with realtime local object detection for IP cameras - You know this one… :slight_smile:
HACS · GitHub - Of course this one as well… :slight_smile:

I’m imagining a future when projects like these join the Foundation, form a coalition where they get value from the Open Home Foundation (additional resources, protection, visibility etc), and the ecosystem expands and grows bringing more and more great projects and further make Home Assistant the best platform.

I saw mention of it in passing on YouTube, and on X. . . but I did take the time to see what The Verge wrote up about it.

It’s good news for the platform, indeed. I have a close by Cassandra that isn’t quite as encouraged about this in the longer term. Can’t say I can fault the ‘no good deed’ goes unpunished or can last perspective, but the world is evolving faster than ever (for better or worse). It’s going to be an interesting ride, surely - me only 6 months with HA on an HAGreen, and I’ve already been pleasantly surprised at all that’s come with HA updates in 2024 so far.