State of the Open Solar ☀ Home

Hello out there! :sunny:

I’m researching this topic for quite a while now and I’m somewhat baffeled that (most?) of the integrations for solar inverters are not support local push.

Somewhat spoiled by mostly using esphome (native api with local push) I wonder if there isn’t any solar hardware (hybrid inverter at best) which does it’s job right?

At this very moment I’m planning to invest in some (smaller scale) solar system but it’s just necessary for me that this system will work locally and without polling. That’s because it will be integrated in my present setup which is doing load shedding (turning appliances off when a certain power threshold is reached) and than will even be extended to turn loads on when their is a higher energy production than usage (I can return energy to the grid but does not get any penny for it).

A similar question arises about the battery, in best a hybrid controller will take care of that but mostly they come with their own BMS - so same question here, anything available with local push?

And in general are their (specially) “open” manufactures around which earned to mentioned here?

All this solar stuff is a deep jungle, many vendors have cloud only (:put_litter_in_its_place:) platforms or other lock-ins. For example many manufactures of solar inverters want you to buy their (super) expensive power meter (often few hundreds of dollars) despite I have my pzem004t supercharged with esphome long in place.


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