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Last Wednesday, November 14, we had a meetup in Amsterdam hosted by ING. Over 80 Home Assistant enthusiasts gathered to hear me, Paulus Schoutsen, the founder of Home Assistant, speak. I talked about how Home Assistant got started, what makes Home Assistant so successful (community!) and what we’re working towards.

Special thanks to:

  • Jeroen Joosse for the initiative and organizing
  • Erik-Jan Riemers for co-organizing and making it this big
  • ING for hosting the event
  • Franck Nijhof for providing the demos
  • Klaas Schoute for providing the TensorFlow demos
  • Frank Kuiper for editing the presentation video

More photos after the click.

Crowd talking Home Assistant

Frenck showing all the ins and outs of

The Z-Wave table

Presentation selfie!

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Many thanks to all involved for organizing the meetup. It was a great evening and really enjoyed discussing configs and new stuff with fellow HA enthusiasts :grinning:

Also the snacks provided by ING were great, especially the ‘bitterballen’ :wink:


Good Job @baloob


Great video. Home assistant is awesome!


Glad you liked them :slight_smile: t-shirts where gone before I mentioned them…


Enjoyed watching the video. Thanks for editing and sharing, very appreciate

Was a little disappointed not to hear and news related to a new attack on ZWave


The S0 to S2 downgrade attack? That’s been out since May, and would have to be done in extremely close proximity to the lock and only during the initial pairing process, so I don’t think it really is any more effective of an “attack” then simply looking at someone’s keyring with a telephoto lense and making a duplicate physical key.

If I’m wrong and this is another attack your talking about let me know, this is the only recent one I’ve heard of lately.


Other priorities at the moment, yes z-wave is on their to do list but there are other things that affect a lot more users


Nice presentation :tada:


KA little bit off topic I guess… but as a former employee of ING in Australia (who left in happy circumstances), it’s nice to see their sponsorship/hosting of the event. Wel done, ING.


Congratulations @baloob & team all on the fantastic progress to date and the exciting future you have created for yourselves!!

“if you build it they will come!!..”


I know that I should watch the presentation, but until I have enough time, is there a summary of what was discussed? A roadmap I can look at?


Rooms & Devices are coming (for example, entities can be assigned to rooms, and if you have a device that has multiple sensors, they can belong to a single device). But that’s just the roadmappy stuff from the presentation.


Thanks for the video! I really wanted to join, but had some things to do abroad :frowning: