State should be persisted accross restart

If a state need to be unknow, the user just need to set that to unknown at restart. This is what I do on homeseer and it should be like that by default here too. In fact that is stopping me from transferring my setup to ha!!


  1. Do not tag people like that. It is considered demanding and rude. See:

  2. If you give a specific example we may be able to help.

Ok seems like this is considering offending…

Yes I am asking someone for help ( and takes into account athat a lot on people have asked for it) what is the issue ?

Would creating an issue on github be considered less offending?

This is a community, as a community member as ask for a change. So i use the forum to psss that message.

The issue is that it is rude and demanding. Don’t do it.

If you have a question, just ask it without tagging people. Particularly without tagging the project founder.

An issue may be appropriate, if it is actually an issue. Otherwise a feature request may be appropriate. Or it may be that you are just misunderstanding something, in which case we can help.

Explain your actual issue here, with a specific example.

Man , this is crazy, just delete my posts,
Is that a sort of a sect (can’t tag the founder)?

No it is just politeness. Generally don’t tag anyone, unless you are thanking them, as per the FAQ I linked you to. You should read it all.

Do you want me to delete this topic or do you want some help?

If you want help:

There are many knowledgeable people here that may be able to help you. No need to tag the project founder.

Be polite, be specific.