State triggered automation won't start

Hey Forum,
I have an automation aiming to keep bedroom humidity under 60%, but run the dehumidifier only when we’re away from that room. Here’s the screenshot of this automation:

In this season, humidity increased thanks to summer time, but this automation won’t get systematically triggered when when humidity is over 60%. For instance, right now, sensor is reporting 61.9% humidity and the automation did not trigger.

Any idea about what I’m missing here?


A numeric trigger fires at the instant that the value crosses the threshold. Here, it will fire when the humidity goes from below 60 to above 60.

If that crossing happens before 10:00, the automation is triggered but not run because the time condition blocks it. See the automation traces for details.

If you want it to check the humidity at 10:00, add a Time trigger for 10:00 (10:01 for safety, when comparing with “after 10:00”) and a Numeric State condition to check the humidity is above threshold at that time.

That will then turn on the dehumidifier at 10:01 if the humidity is already high, or when the humidity gets high during the time period.

Right! Thanks for the reply. Meanwhile I’ve did just that and now I have an automation that works as expected.

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