State uses English phrase in backend, and displays localized phrases in GUI?

Have a look at this image:
The state is reported as home in the states view, but is localized (translated to Norwegian) in the GUI, and history view.

I assume the states shown in the states view are to be used in automations and scripts. How do I check (visually read a log/states log for the correct states values for eg. a device_tracker or group throughout the day? Obviously the GUI shows different values than the states itself…

Anyone experienced this, and have experience with workarounds?

Maybe I didn’t get your question right. But you could just put the account you use to English and see the used names and put it back to Norwegian after you’ve written them down?

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The developer tools entities page is always the one what use in automations and scripts, correct. What you see in the front end can be basically what ever, kind of “friendly state”.

I find it not easy to find possible states as a list as well. For the device tracker you can see from below link. I find it always the easiest option to check from the developer tools what is the state used.

I think that you don’t see the state name from the logs as it is used in the code e.g. “home” and “not_home”.

Thank you for your suggestion @frits1980. Changing language for my account temporarily works for me now. device trackers usually only have home end not_home plus zones, so those are easy. I was just puzzled about how I could read the actual state names eg. from history logs in the GUI.

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… and adding to this: I found the device_tracker to report Home and Away, as opposed to home and not_home which would be expected for presence awareness.

The state for it is home and not_home (and the zones). What is shown in front end is a different thing.

This is exactly what puzzled me.

This is even the case using groups.