Stateless or a switch with a third state

So, I’m still new to this…
I have a wall mounted switch, which sends an on or off.
In HA it appears like switch with the states on or off.

But I want it to actually act as it has three states, unaffected/on/off.
I’m not interested in the actual state, but when it is pressed.

As it is now when I press ON it switches on, but when I press on again, nothing happens.

Edit: I spell like rabbit!
This is because the state doesn’t change (on->on).

A simple exapmple:
I have one switch and two ligths.
If the lights are off and I press on, the first light will turn on.
I I press on again, the second light will turn on.
If now both lights are on, and I press off the second light switches off
And off again the first light turns off.

As it is now nothing happens when the button is pressed for the second time.

One word - automation.