StateMachine - undefined output

Recently started to play with state machine node.
Everything seems work right, but few days after I found that StateMachine node outputs the most recent state when I deploy some UNRELATED changes. Those changes are being applied to OTHER flow using “deploy modified nodes only”.
During this procedure no data is fed to SM node. So it has no reason to output any thing.

Is it issue of NR? (something not fixable HA related team)?
I’m currently on NR7.2.10

thanks in advance

Not sure if I totally understand your question/issue, but here is the behavior that I see when using the state machine SM node. Any change in that flow will result in the SM being set to the initial state if I deploy “Modified flows” If I deploy “Modified node” it seems to retain the state or at least the state reported underneath the SM node.

My example: garage door with states: unknown (initial), open, close, timeout (garage door left open too long).

So in my case the SM starts out in an unknown state and is cycled through the various states with msg.payloads sent from door sensor (open, close) and timeout from a timer that starts upon an open sensor reading. I have 8 or 9 triggers that handle all the state changes from the 4 states.