States to Lovelace

Hi all.

When I add bits and pieces to HA the various bits and pieces like temp, humidty etc shows up automatically in the states page. That still happens.

When I fired up Lovelace after the upgrade to 86 they came across and are visible at the top of the main lovelace page in small icons/circles etc.

Now if I add a new sensor it still adds automatically into the States page but nothing new in the lovelace page. No additional circle/icon.

How do I get the new ones to show up in Lovelace (as in the circle at the top section)

you have to add them to lovelace manually. There are a few custom-cards you could use to automagically add them like auto-entities or fold-entity-row both of which sort of use wild-cards but really you want to be manually adding them where you want them…

Here’s the auto-entities card

Thanks for that. I have been playing with Cards and have worked out how they work etc but how do I edit the top section of the main lovelace page? Do I have to edit the config file itself?

To add resources at the top use the raw editor mode… so click on 3 dots top right select configureui… then 3 dots again for raw editor

Thanks. Yep that makes sense now