Static IP address changes by another system dhcp deamon?

I used this great guide to install a official supported HA environment. I’m trying to set a static IP address from the supervisor system settings, this works fine but only for a short amount of time, after a while the Debian 10 system got back another ip address by a dhcp client. Setting a static ip address in the /etc/network/interfaces.d/ and disabling network manager works perfect but it results in a unsuported HA environment…

I’m trying to find out which other dhcp client is running, i thought it was dhcpcd but running sudo systemctl stop dhcpcd resultst in a error that this is not active on the system.

Is there anyone that used the same guide running on a Rpi4 that knows how i can fix this.

Thx in advance

Hi AndyVRD,

I’m not familiar with the guide you describe, but perhaps your have chosen a static ip address that is within the range of the DHCP server?. I’m not sure if the DHCP server does interfere with this static adres, but it’s good practice anyway.

As second option you could change the ip in you router or DHCP-server to give your machine a static adres based on a mac-address.

Hope this helps! :+1:

Thanks for the answer. I used a static IP out of the dhcp range so that’s not the problem. Before I followed the old guide that now results in a unsupported HASS but setting a fixed ip from the supervisor settings worked perfect. Ofcours it’s another Debian 10 version but it’s strange that there is some other network service running alongside the network manager…

Mmm yeh strange, then it is for sure a linux related problem.
In the guide you described, i see something about important guidelines to prepare your Dabian 10 right.

Supported Operating System, System dependencies and versions

Docker CE (Community Edition) is the only supported containerization method for Home Assistant Supervised. We only support FHS 3.0 on the host file system.

  • Docker CE >= 19.03
  • Systemd >= 239
  • NetworkManager >= 1.14.6
  • AppArmor == 2.13.x (built into the kernel)
  • Debian Linux Debian 10 aka Buster (no derivatives)

Perhaps you can check these packages, especially the networkManager

I don’t think i can help you with networking packages in linux itself. Hope you find your awnser