Static IP for Docker container?

I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while and I just can’t seem to find a fix or example on google or in here. At least nothing that makes any sense to me.
I have installed Debian on my old Macbook. I installed Docker and and what I have configured so far is working very well.
My next step will be to set up DuckDNS but before I do that I need the container to have a static IP.

For my RPi I simply made the IP static (fixed they call it) on my router and everything works fine. When I do it for the Docker version the IP for HA will still change but I do still see the old IP setup as static on the router.
I’m sure this is a Docker thing and since this is my very first use of it and also being pretty new to Linux, I’m feeling very frustrated.

Can someone please explain to me what I can do to fix this and provide samples?
Feel free to speak to me like I’m a child because honestly that’s how I feel right now.

I installed according to this site


You don’t give containers IP addresses. You don’t manage those or use the docker IP addresses for anything. You use the host IP address for everything

Ok I can accept that and it would explain why I had so much trouble finding the answer.
I notice right now that I have 2 entries on my router for the laptop. The one its currently connected as shows the correct IP but has a different mac address than the older one from 2 days ago.
I’m not much of a network guy but I thought the mac address was supposed to be consistent?

After some googling I found that I could set the mac within the network manager. It was empty before so I set it to the current value, made the IP static on my network, rebooted and it reconnected to the same IP.
So far so good.
@flamingm0e Thanks for explaining how Docker uses IPs.

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