Static IP for HA in Proxmox

How can I assign a static IP to Home Assistant in Proxmox?
(Is this better posted on a Proxmox board)?

Not sure what you mean but can’t you just do this in HA?

I just do a reservation for the MAC address in my router. Otherwise what @sender said

I just set it in Home Assistant GUI after setting up the VM in ProxMox, worked no problem. I struggle the most with getting the UEFI shell not to appear every time the VM is restarted and I’ve already forgot how I fixed that :laughing:

Really Matt… it was that simple?

Supervisor → System → IP Address Change :slight_smile:

That is the ‘dirty’ way. The proper way is, as David says above, to allocate a permanent lease in DHCP.

I think it depends a little bit and I probably should clarify I have my DHCP setup to serve a block of addresses, then when I have manually assigned static IP machines I assign them outside the DCHP assignable block. Don’t think that is a bad practice, but I’m definitely not a network expert.

That is the correct way to do it.
Set a DHCP range and use the rest for permanent leases. Doing it this way avoids problems when more IP devices are added later when the HA bug bites hard. :grin: