Static ips

My hassio works fine and I learn new things all the time.
My question is about ip’s.
Is there a better way to handle ip’s (for media players and other integrations) than make them static?

Your two options are static and dynamic (DHCP).

Most discovered integrations will handle a dynamically changing IP address as the unique id is generally the mac address. However I have seen some issues with multiple devices being discovered every time the IP address changes (Samsung TV for example).

If you are defining the integration in YAML you need the IP address to be static or the device will be lost.

I prefer assigning staic IP addresses to all my devices as I know where they are in the network to troubleshoot them (ping for example).

Thanks for your help

Making a spreadsheet to keep track of the IP addresses and devices helps.

How does one assign static ip’s. My router only allows 1. Do I need to change it or are there other options?

Reserve IP addresses in the DHCP server section of your router.