Static map with multiple markers

I wanted one static map with multiple markers from my familys devices.

I had been using single maps (using the website example) for each persons earlier but that made it a bit hard to see where people was in relation to the others.

So i found out that you could modify the url to include multiple markers, like this:

- platform: generic
  name: Tasker_Locations
  still_image_url:|label:B|{{ states.device_tracker.person1.attributes.latitude }},{{ states.device_tracker.person1.attributes.longitude }}&markers=color:green|label:M|{{ states.device_tracker.person2.attributes.latitude }},{{ states.device_tracker.person2.attributes.longitude }}&markers=color:red|label:A|{{ states.device_tracker.person3.attributes.latitude }},{{ states.device_tracker.person3.attributes.longitude }}
  limit_refetch_to_url_change: true


perfect, thank you!

This is awesome. Is there anyway to remove icons for shops and restaurants etc?

Great! Will include this in my dashboard

Is it also possible to use satellite view for the map somehow ?

I think you just have to change in the URL from maptype=roadmap to maptype=satellite