Statistic sensor for “today” calendar range assistance

I’m trying to create a statistic sensor that will show me how much rain has accumulated today (from midnight to current) and store that in an entity. In my example, sensor.outdoor_rain is a state_class of total_increasing

While I can easily do this in a statistic sensor for the last 24 hours, unsure how I can do one for today since midnight.

This easily works for the past 24 hours:

- platform: statistics
  name: "24 Hour Rain"
  entity_id: sensor.outdoor_rain
  state_characteristic: change
    hours: 24
  unique_id: "24_hour_rain"

And then this works for the frontend in a Lovelace card to get me midnight through now, but doesn’t give it to me in an entity:

type: statistic
    period: day
stat_type: change
entity: sensor.outdoor_rain

How can I get the value that it computes in this Lovelace statistics card into an entity? It seems that the calendar option is not an option on the statistics sensor integration which would solve this problem. Anything I’ve missed?