Statistics for voltage not working

I am trying to setup a statistics graph card for a test esphome sensor and I can’t get statistics working for voltage. On the same esphome device temperature is working as expected.

I have added the device_class and state_class fields in esphome and HA sees that info but those entities are not recognised as valid in statistics graph card.

Working temperature sensor:

state_class: measurement
unit_of_measurement: °C
friendly_name: 'Huzzah #1 DS18B20 Test'
device_class: temperature

Voltage sensor not working:

state_class: measurement
unit_of_measurement: V
friendly_name: Huzzah VCC
device_class: voltage

Any ideas ??


Statistics are currently not for every device classes. It will change with next release when only state_class will be needed to have statistics

Ok, thanks.