Statistics Graph Card and Utility Meter

I tried using Statistics Graph Card with Utility Meter
Here is my code:

  source: sensor.hot_water_usage
  cycle: daily
  source: sensor.hot_water_usage
  cycle: monthly
  source: sensor.hot_water_usage
  cycle: yearly

Only the yearly sensor is working, not the others. Am I doing something wrong?


Did you ever figure this out? I’m at a similar situation :frowning:

Unfortunately not. :frowning:

I think the problem is that the utility_meter is not a Long-term Statistics data form. Try to adapt the sensor to Statistic sensor platform define the cathegory “Measurement”. Take a look to Long-term statistic

I think the statistics graph card is intended to read ever-increasing statistics only (for sum-type stat types, identified by having a state_class: attribute of either “total” or “total_increasing”). i.e. you can try using the source for that utility meter as the source for your graph instead of the utility meter. This is provided of course that this source entity is ever-increasing. If the source (periodically) resets too, you can create a new utility meter helper to fix that by giving that utility meter a ‘meter reset cycle’ of “No cycle” and leave the ‘Periodically resetting’ option checked. If you use the resetting entity as the source for such a helper, the helper will ‘take out’ the resets and thus create a new ever-increasing entity. Then use this new utility meter as the source for the statistics graph card.