Statistics Graph Card - period attribute

The Statistics Graph Card has a period attribute that can be 5minute, hour, day or month. I can’t see any impact to the graph in changing the period - am I missing something? I have tried setting days_to_show to 10 or 365 (albeit limited to when long term stats became a thing). I would like to show just the maximum daily temperature, but when I set the period to day, it still shows different values throughout the day.

  - type: statistics-graph
    title: 'My Graph'
    stat_types: max
    period: day
    days_to_show: 365
      - entity: sensor.elizabeth
        name: Lounge
      - entity: sensor.temp_2
        name: Front
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I can reproduce your issue. It seems the period attribute was added just recently and should be available only on the latest 2022.2 release. I will try to update my setup to see if it changes the behaviour.

Which version are you running?

Ah, that explains it - I’m still on 2021.12.8. I will upgrade and try again. Thanks.