Statistics Graph with Energy Sensor - Trying to Mimic the Energy Dashboard

Hi, I’m trying to mimic what the energy dashboard has auto-configured for me in my Home Assistant. Setup. I have a Tesla Wall Connector integration which Home Assistant is pulling data from into the Energy Dashboard - screenshot below.

However, when I try to make my own custom graph with this data, it instead shows the total energy consumption of all time, rather than a graph of daily energy consumption, like so:


I think this may have to do with the sensor attribute I am using? One thing I am still not sure how to do in home assistant, is to find all the possible states of a given entity, and all the states of a given entity’s attributes. I know I can go into developer tools to find some (or maybe it displays all? I am not sure of this) attributes of an entity, like so:

I think perhaps I need to choose a different “state_class” attribute that is not “total_increasing” for my graph to show the kWh per day, rather than a running total. But I am not sure how I can find the other attribute states to choose from to do this? Is there a way to have home assistant show me all the possible states of all entities and attributes?

Don’t change the state class or you won’t be able to use the sensor in your energy dashboard.

Create a utility meter with a daily cycle and graph that.

Because HA has already created a graph with a daily cycle using this sensor, is there somewhere I can find the “utility meter” that HA has created, or do I need to create a new one?

My attempts to create a utility meter in HA in the past I have not been able to pull all of the sensor’s history when I create it. Not sure if that is expected behavior, but if it is, I’d like to be able to pull the same utility meter data that the Energy Dashboard is using.

No, it only records from when you create it. There is no retrospective calculation of stored values.

If all you want is the same graph in one of your own dashboards use this in a manual card:

type: energy-usage-graph
title: Energy Use 

Ok, great to know. Appreciate the help. I’ll give the utility meter a try as having that as its own meter will give me more options. Thank you