Statistics Sensor - Incorrect Values Displayed

I just upgraded to 0.30.1 and wanted to try adding the new statistics sensor to track a humidity and temperature sensor I have running in my master bath. I added the sensor to a group and everything seems to be working fine however the display for the statistics sensor is showing numerous values to the left of the decimal. Searching through the topics I didn’t see a similar issue.

In the first screenshot below you can see how the statistic sensor show within the group. The second screenshot is the statistics sensor opened. My suspicion is that the statistic sensor is showing incorrect values because that is what it receives from the actual humidity and temperature sensors. You can see in the third screenshot that on occasion for a brief period I also receive odd values for these two sensors as well. So the statistics sensor unfortunately uses those values and incorrectly reports the statistics. I have been accepting the occasional incorrect values for the humidity and temperature sensors up until now because it usually corrects itself quickly in the display however now that the statistic sensor is using that information it makes the statistic sensor somewhat useless.

I am hoping that someone might have seen something like this before and maybe doing some calculation within the humidity and temperature sensors it will then calculate and display a correct value. I would appreciate it if anyone has any ideas on how I can solve the incorrect values being displayed so that the statistics sensor can be more useful.