Statistics - state_characteristic error

I want to add the following code to the configuration.yaml file, unfortunately this error appears: “Invalid config for [sensor.statistics]: [state_characteristic] is an invalid option for [sensor.statistics]. Check: sensor.statistics->state_characteristic. (See ?, line ?).”
I don’t know where the error should be. Do you guys know where the problem is?

Here the code:

  - platform: statistics
    name: "Regenmenge letzte 24 Std"
    entity_id: sensor.regen
    state_characteristic: total
      hours: 24`

There is a a quotation sign after 24 → '

Or is that consequence of putting it in this message?

That’s probably a post formatting error.

What version of home assistant are you running @mha ?

This new format for the sensor was introduced in v2021.12.0

Thanks for the answers, the quotation sign is only a consequence of putting it in the message. It seems that my home assistant version is not the newest. (v2021.11.1)